You're a Unique Gift

Each of us come into this world as a unique expression. There are things that only we can bring into reality, some those expressions are tangible but many more are ethereal and ephemeral; like the way the feeling of a room changes when a new person enters it. In some cultures, this unique expression is called our medicine. Our medicine not only heals but also contributes to the wholeness and harmony of life. It offers a unique color to the relational fields we are part of. It informs the relationships that shapes us, holds us and that we in turn shape.

We often hear talk of how our fulfillment is tied to our discover and embodiment of our medicine, our unique expression. This is so very true. It is the key to our authenticity, fulfillment and joy. Without it, our heart doesn’t feel complete. The disconnection from our medicine is dis-ease and the more disconnected we are the more physical the disease becomes. The other truth here is that no one else can tell us or show us what our medicine is. It is each person’s personal quest to recognize it and be in the expression of it. This is a discovery that is like a moving river. On one hand we know it, we feel it, there is no way to miss it when you’re in it as well as when you are disconnected from it. On other hand like the river, it’s shape, quality and movement are constantly changing, and Life is what informs it. It is simultaneously innate and becoming; tangible and intangible.

In the same way that that our quality of connection to our medicine effects our wholeness and beauty, it effects everything that is around us. When we are in our true nature, we are able to bring into reality the unique expression needed for Reality to be in HARMONY. Each of us has something that the greater Whole needs to be at its best. We are in it together. We are the part of the weave of form and our medicine is unique and essential to the harmony of this weave. There is no way around that. We are each responsible for the cultivation of heart that allows our medicine to come forward. That is the most essential way we create reality.

Unhealed trauma and shame are the main causes of disconnection from our medicine. They are the source of feeling a lack of belonging and oneness with life.

The Tara's Garden Fulfill Your Purpose flower essence formula is a great way to connect to the essential self. It will clear the things that hinder your connection to your medicine, making its embodiment more accessible.

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