Enjoy the experience of touch, intimacy, and sexual energy. Celebrate your body as a temple; a vehicle of the soul. This remedy brings the energies of the heart and sacral chakras into a harmonic dance. It creates the opportunity for open and free expression; encouraging the release of limiting beliefs. Vibrations of this essence weave together to create a sacred union within the user and within relationships.

Sacred Sensuality Aura Spray - 4 oz

  • Prepared and distributed with Love by Tara’s Garden in Redondo Beach, USA

    Suggested Use:
    Shake bottle while stating affirmation, spray into your aura and environment.

    Water, brandy, flower essences, and infusion of essential oils (Breath Easy, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, & Benzoin).

    I love my body.

    Main Chakra Supported:
    Sacral [2]

    Other Chakra(s) Supported:
    Heart [4] & Crown [7]