Clear off daily stress and psychic debris. Cleanse your environment and energy field of negative energies. Use the remedy for psychic protection, and strengthen your natural energitic boundaries. This formula will keep your energy body clean and protected, which supports you in knowing who you are, and to how to act in accordance to your highest truth and light. This is an essential tool for empaths and healers.

Psychic Protection Aura Spray - 2 oz

  • Prepared and distributed with Love by Tara’s Garden in Redondo Beach, USA

    Suggested Use:
    Shake bottle while stating affirmation, spray into your aura and environment.

    Water, brandy, flower essences, and infusion of essential oils ().


    I am clear of and protected from negative energy.

    Chakras Supported:
    Root [1], Sacral [2], Solar Plexus [3], Heart [4], Throat [5], Third Eye [6], & Crown [7]