Press the reset button, with this remedy. Take it any time you feel off balance or out of sorts. Use it to come back to your center. This formula brings you back into balance - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in times of stress or crisis. It will calm and ground you so that you can address a situation with clarity. Great to use before or after a test, an accident, difficult conversation or a shift in your energy.

Remedy Me

  • Prepared and distributed with Love by Tara’s Garden in Redondo Beach, USA


    Suggested Use:

    Place 4-7 drops in mouth, 2-3 times per day.  Use with affirmation to strengthen the benefits.



    Water, brandy, and infusion of flower essences.



    I am calm and centered.

    Main Chakra Supported:

    Root [1]


    Other Chakra(s) Supported:

    Sacral [2], Solar Plexus [3], & Heart [4]