Trust your abilities, qualities, and knowledge. Be fully self-assured. That’s what this remedy will help you do. It will strengthen your sense of worth, assisting you to be more conscious of your unique gifts and their intrinsic value. This will inspire radiant expression and the freedom to be who you are and love it. This essence will bring about more awareness and self-possession, as well as reduce self doubt.

Self Confidence

  • Prepared and distributed with Love by Tara’s Garden in Redondo Beach, USA


    Suggested Use:

    Place 4-7 drops in mouth, 2-3 times per day.  Use with affirmation to strengthen the benefits.



    Water, brandy, and infusion of flower essences.



    I am centered, grounded and focused.

    Main Chakra Supported:

    Solar Plexus [3]


    Other Chakra(s) Supported:

    Heart [4] & Throat [5]