Awaken to and know your power as a woman. This remedy catalyzes the release of generational and cultural patterns that diminish women. It will support you to find freedom from such imprints. Use the formula to let go of cycles of mistreatment and increase your safety, empowerment and belonging. It is a remedy that awakens the power of the sacred feminine and honors the value of her presence in the world.

Woman's Worth

  • Prepared and distributed with Love by Tara’s Garden in Redondo Beach, USA


    Suggested Use:

    Place 4-7 drops in mouth, 2-3 times per day.  Use with affirmation to strengthen the benefits.



    Water, brandy, and infusion of flower essences.



    I am an autonomous and empowered woman.

    Main Chakra Supported:

    Solar Plexus [3]


    Other Chakra(s) Supported:

    Root [1], Sacral [2], Heart [4], and Throat [5]